What is your edge?” After reading Darius Pettway’s, “A Chance To”, you will be inspired to seek the answer to this question. Darius’s autobiography is a profound read that will inspire all walks of life. No obstacle was too insurmountable to keep Darius from defying the odds stacked against him. “With Vision Comes Commitment.” This heartening journal is sure to inspirit and cultivate its audience while defining the real meaning of the word ‘perseverance’. You CAN make your dreams a reality. Read this invigorating narrative; it will impart a divine influence on your mind and soul. -Stephanie R

Love the book so far, I believe it was chapter 3 about the woman son and your uncle I can relate to the situation from my family an among other situation dealing with fighting in a relationship, so it’s very interested so far. -Brittany F

Your story is inspiring. Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing it with the world. I read the entire book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. It developed a new wave of passion and desire for everything I’m working toward for my future. Keep up the hard work and the grind, Darius. Can’t wait to hear what happens next! -Stephanie H

Mr.Darius pushed me to my absolute best in both the classroom and athletics. My leadership skills have improved over the years. I am now able to reach back and help other 8th graders that suffers with some of the same issues I faced while in middle school. Simply put, Mr. Darius is the best coach and father figure to me. -J Gentry

Thank you for coming, I’m glad I was able to finally meet you. I will always remember what you told us “With Vision Comes Commitment”-William J

Darius, Man, it feels good to be writing again. You don’t know how you’ve re-kindled a fire in me that was going out. I’m almost finished one chapter; I have five more to add. I really appreciate it! Thanks, Deacon Sherman Powers, MBA

I appreciate you, I love the speech, you really inspired me to reach my full potential. I learned I got to stay strong. I really related to your story, lots of people came in and out of my life and told me I couldn’t do things and I would either be dead or in jail. But I now have hope after hearing your story. I liked how you believed in yourself and I’m going to do the same. Darnell C

Thank you for taking me out to lunch and helping me find a solution to talk and forgive my father. I plan on helping others as well. Thank you coach- Wilson

I first met Darius when we both worked together at Holy Cross Children Services. One of the best attributes about him is that he was direct and upfront with the youth at Holy Cross and that was the foundation to building his relationships with them. He was able to relate with many of them from the experiences that he had from his childhood and many things he witnessed. Overall many of the youth that left our unit where equipped with the necessary tools to transition back into society. -Markeen B

I have seen Mr. Darius Pettway excel at engaging and motivating the younger generation while working alongside him in the past. He demonstrated a rare ability to not only connect and identify with youth but inspire the young people to strive for excellence. -Cedrick B

My name is Oseen I was in the front row. I would like to thank you for coming to talk to us. I just want to say that before now I never had a hero, but now I do Mr.P you are my hero. -Oseen

Joseph enjoyed camp experience he had at Darius Pettway Youth Leadership Conference. He met new friends of all ages and felt an instant family unity. Joseph’s favorite part of the trip was serving the community with his brothers and the outdoor activities. Thank you Darius Pettway for the great Leadership you shared with my son and in our youth! -Ashley

Thank you Mr.Pettway for the inspirational story you shared to the building. I’ve learned quite a lot from you. I’m at the point in my life where its time to get my treatment and life skills together and learn from older folks like my parents, relatives and guardians. You inspired me to complete this program. -Anthony

Thank you for inviting me to the conference I would love to come back and help the next group of my brothers that are invited in. We had so much fun! Walker

Because of you I was able to face my fears and now I’ve passed my math class with a 78%. I can now play fall sports. – Big Larry

Thank you for being my life coach. You pushed me even when I didn’t want to do things. Like you said its all about attitude. Thanks Coach. -Marcus

Your Book was inspiring, thank you for taking the time out to send a special note inside for my son. He lost his dad to gun violence over the summer and he is inspired to make his dad proud. –Lakeisha S

Mr. Darius came to visit me while I was in juvenile detention and motivated me to follow my dreams. I feel misunderstood at times, but Mr. Darius understand me and where I be coming from. -Abraham

Thank you for coming to speak with me sir, you inspired me to stay strong and look at the positive things that are in my control. -Richard

Darius, plan is to help the youth with backgrounds where they may feel hopeless and helpless and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for each one of them to see. Our youth are in great need of guidance and help of support. Davenie J

If It wasn’t for your words and constantly getting on me in school I could have dropped out with my friends. Thank you for picking me up and taking me to school. I owe it to you to graduate. Thank you for believing in me. -Jacob F

Thank you young man for helping me mend my relationship with my father. Sometimes the teachers need teaching as well. Keep inspiring others. -Mr. Smith

Darius, thank you for working with my son. Teaching children to judge people by the content of their character is awesome. Here is the thing, there is beauty in the things that make us different such as color. What if we were colorblind to flowers and butterflies we would miss the best part. So, I believe it’s important to teach our children as you have with an emphasis on celebrating our differences and not ignoring them. To see me, is to see my color. I love my color like everyone else should love theirs, It only becomes a problem, when we use those differences to devalue, dehumanize and criminalize people who are different from us. Moral of the story thank you empowering my son to love himself and the skin he lives within. -Bonnie N

Darius helped me understand the true value of understanding self-worth. You pushed me to become a better person by being a role model. Thank you for always being a listening ear. -Z Baker

Darius, my book club for young men started reading your book and they are all floored so far by your book. Thank you for writing this book! -Dr. Samuel

I can relate to your story. To start, we are both from Detroit. I am from the South West Side by Warren Ave. Also, I got in a lot of trouble. I appreciate you expressing some of your life history which takes courage. Your message was really inspiring. -Calvin

I thank you for sharing your experiences with me. Your words moved me like ripples in the water. I thank you for this and I’ll do my best to apply the words you spoke into my life. -Darnell

If you are looking for a consistent life coach for your child Darius is the way to go. He is very passionate about the youth. -Barbara

Mr. Darius will help you find what it is you want to master in life. He helped me figure out I had a passion to help others combined with becoming a barber. After I graduate Highschool I will go to barber school. – Devon C

Darius helped me control my anger and how to take deep breaths. School is better knowing that we have someone like you to talk to. -Jay

Thank you for giving me a copy of your book I will always keep it close to me. You inspired me to go to college and play football as well. Titus R