Leadership Workshop

Life Skool Leadership Workshop is for middle and high school students seeking opportunities to expand and deepen their leadership skills while collaborating with others. This three-hour course will challenge students to discover who they are by using our proven curriculum to guide students through self-discovery. In addition, while teaching leadership principles, students will also gather the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to navigate life, such as managing emotion regulation, goal setting, time management, empathy, healthy relationships, and decision-making. Using a relationship-first approach, we guarantee that students will discover a leadership style that will ignite self-discovery. Our leadership class will expose students to the qualities of a good leader, allowing students to practice these skills in classroom and community settings.

Other important topics of conversation will include; leadership identification, self-empowerment, conflict resolution, Intrapersonal, and Interpersonal communication, college career pathway opportunities, bullying prevention, and financial literacy.

Class Includes:
1. Lunch
2. Video and board game sessions
3. Raffle prizes and awards
4. Motivational speaker sess on
5. Financial literacy session
6. Leadership development  modules
Please register below. *Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.