SCIP Program

SCIP is a comprehensive mentoring program designed to provide intensive leadership development and life-skill training to support youth with at least one incarcerated parent. This program is committed to helping students thrive by fostering a personal growth mindset while providing emotional support, educational assistance, and community resources to reduce or eliminate generational incarceration. On average, youth with incarcerated parents are six times more likely to become incarcerated themselves.

Students Will Receive:

  1. Workshops and Training:
    • Financial literacy training
    • Conflict resolution, active listening, communication skills, time management
    • Goalsetting, building self-esteem, and developing a positive self-image.
  2. Life Skills Training:
    • Basic cooking skills, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and healthy food choices.
    • Laundry and clothing care, how to tie a tie.
    • Personal hygiene, basic first aid skills, including CPR and wound care, and knowing what to do in emergencies and disasters.
  3. Educational Support:
    • After-school tutoring and homework assistance to ensure children can keep up with their studies.
    • Collaborate with local schools to address any academic issues or behavioral issues.
    • Safe and responsible internet use
  4. Support Groups:
    • Safe space for students to share their experiences, feelings, and coping strategies.
    • Trained facilitators and mental health professionals will lead support groups.
    • Help students find and unlock internal intangibles.
  5. Family Reintegration Support:
    • Facilitate timely communication and visitation between children and incarcerated parents when appropriate.
    • Incorporate parenting classes for incarcerated parent(s) to improve family dynamics and communication.
    • Provide case management resources to incarcerated parent(s) to positively influence a healthy reconnecting into the student life.
  6. Community Service Projects:
    • Students will participate in monthly community service projects promoting teamwork, creativity, and social bonding.

Program Eligibility:

Be between the ages of 11- 17, have at least one incarcerated parent, and be willing to complete appropriate program waiver paperwork. Note that this program is volunteer based by families and student participants.


SCIP Program Curriculum

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